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Sur La Plage Abandonnée

There's nothing more I love than spending an entire day at the beach. 

Unfortunately, I can't really say the waterfronts in Montreal amount to a beach, but I guess the one at Ile Bizard Island comes close enough. In any event, it's my favourite spot to just kick back with a drink and a good book — and relax.

Every time I come here, I feel as though I'm in a Brigitte Bardot music video (with half the glam – and hair). Oh, did I mention how much I love French chansons? 

Equally to French chansons, nature has my heart and soul. Living with anxiety is tiring — to say the least — and being in nature is to me the most efficient remedy. How can one not feel at peace with such simple, yet beautiful views?  

As they say, happiness is in the simple things in life. So, I'm trying to keep it simple by learning to live in the moment.

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