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Brunch at Leméac

What can I say? The brunch here is amazing.

As a pescatarian, my options are always more limited than those who eat meat, but there is always so much to choose from for me at Leméac. Just take a look at this fabulous menu! (p.s. le bol des beignets is an absolute must!)

On the terrace is where I like to sit in the summertime. The more time I can spend outside, the better, and Leméac's terrace feels like some beautiful French garden with its trimmed hedges all around. And that yellow roofing adds a certain je ne sais quoi, but that's just me obsessing over aesthetics again. 

I kept it quite simple this time by ordering l'omelette bio au cheddar au lait cru et fines herbes with a choice of fries, which was absolutely delicious. The omelette was light with just enough cheese. My girlfriends and I also got le bol de beignets to share — of course.

As for beverages, anyone who knows me knows I take my double espressos black and without sugar with a little mimosa on the side for company and more zest!

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